Snuggie Cloths


I found two gorgeously thick fairtrade cotton t-shirts in a charity shop last week for £1 each. They were so soft and lovely that I couldn’t bear to leave them there. So one pink and one turquoise t-shirt came home with me for this snuggie cloth project. I sewed 2 pieces of t-shirt material together so that pieces of ribbon and fabric are sandwiched in the seam. All the ribbons and fabrics are different colours and textures in order to excite little baby fingers (and tongues, if we’re being honest- so I double stitched everything. No choking hazards here!) I put a piece of soft fleece in the middle for added huggability. Once I’d finished the centres looked a bit empty. So I cut out man-in-the-moon and star shapes to brighten it up. And then I found some fuzzy-microfibre to give a little interest to the reverse side.



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