This quilt was made for my good friends who got married last year. I meant to finish it before their wedding, but a combination of their short engagement (just 4 months!) and my pregnancy meant it was late. Very late. 10 months late, in fact. New babies and quilting are mutually exclusive it seems!

The quilt is made from crystal cottons in sunset colours. They’re outdoorsy-beachy kinda folks and I wanted to make something that reflected that. The silouhette is supposed to be them on a beach at sunset. He ended up looking fat when in real life he’s very skinny! (Sorry!!).  I really like the colours of the quilt, but I was disappointed with the way it quilted. The fabric was very easily creased and I used a new tool to baste the 3 layers which led to additional creasing on the reverse side of the quilt. It doesn’t look that neat close up. But it was made with a lot of love and I hope they like it well enough.

That’s it for big projects for a while though. I want to work on some smaller ideas that have been knocking around my head waiting for this one to be finished. Watch this space…


One thought on “Sunsets

  1. Hiya, I have just had a look at everything on here and I am really impressed! I love the snuggie cloths and the wedding quilts, I may ask you to do one for me one day! I also think that your brain wave on the sleeping bags…..from shirt to bag is brilliant! Alli x



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