Lucy Doll

Introducing the newest addition to our family – Lucy. She’s my Moon Munkie’s friend. Bit of a tomboy, she likes climbing trees, catching worms and collecting pebbles.

Lucy is made for durability from machine stitched,unbleached muslin, with appliqued felt hair.  She is 2 ft tall (61cm). Her dress is red felt and can be removed. The ribbons in her hair are also red felt and removable. Lucy’s features are hand-embroidered giving her a personal touch and making her safe for little children to play with. She’s stuffed with polyester fluff making her washable too.

Lucy’s friends and relations will be available to buy from at the beginning of September along with a range of other Whimsical Makery. I’ll be taking custom orders for dolls, monkeys, wedding favours, and children’s clothes. Alongside this there will be a range of my handmade items ready-made and waiting.  All at competitive prices, beautifully packaged and shipped with a gift card if so requested. Why not pop over there now to check out my new logo, banner and sign up for your free Etsy account? So me of the most amazing hand made items are available from more than 170,000 international sellers. Perfect for Christmas shopping! (What?? Did she just use the C word in August?? Surely not!! Take her outside and break her fingers now before she types any more nonsense!)

A thank you: To Valerie of GraphicsWorld 

I cannot tell you how awesome this woman is. She created a whole range of logos and business stationery for Moon Munkie at a ridiculously low cost considering the hours of work she put in for me. She is a powerhouse of enthusiamsm and talent. If you need anything designing (logo, business cards, stickers, stationery, invitations, photo-manipulation, cartoons, caricatures etc., etc.) then I recommend you give her a go. Plus she’s an amazing artist and pro face-painter too. And a jolly nice person to work with. Her website is here and her shop is here. Thanks, Valerie.



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