It’s been sew long…

Oh, I know, there’s no call for terrible puns like that, even after an 8 month break from Whimsical Makery. I have no idea what happened. A combination of returning to work (just the one day a week, so no sympathy please!) and a busy social schedule for the most part. For Christmas I got a really cool book called Biscuiteering which kept me away from my needles for quite a while as I tried to master the art of royal icing.  (With limited success!) And then I’ve been doing the Mummy Munkie thing, taking Moon Munkie out and about, going on holiday, visiting friends andsome of the other Munkies.

But I’ve got my make on again and I’m back with this sweet little cot quilt for my friend Grace. Well, actually, she’s Moon Munkie’s friend. I’m friends with her mum Alli (of Allison Johnson Pictures– a very cool person to to see if you’re in need of any sort of images). She’s a bit obsessed with pink, having had 2 boys before Grace. So, of course, the quilt had to have a strong pink element. I chose 30 different pink fabrics as the central panel, all made of soft cotton to make sure they are snuggly. Then after piecing them together I made a border from white Broderie Anglaise. Not a typical quilting fabric, but it continued the girly theme and gave a contrast to the pink. The backing was a soft pink cotton and because the central panel is so patterned that simple cross-hatch quilting seemed the best option. I also quilted GRACE into 5 of the squares (to stop her Mummy from stealing it for herself!) Finally a bright pink pin-spot binding kept it all modern and funky.

This is the first quilt that I’ve completely stitched by hand. No machine stitchery at all. And I loved it. There’s something so much more personal about using fingers and a needle to put a quilt together. It took much longer than it would by machine, but I enjoyed it so much more.



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