Cutie cupcakes

Moon Munkie loves baking, but there are days when there’s no time, it’s not practical or when further sugar consumption is A Very Bad Idea. Hey presto, felt fairy cakes were formed. I have had no end of people ask for some. They’re so quick and easy to make: from cutting the felt to completed cupcake is less than an hour. And here’s how:

You’ll need :

  • a piece of mid brown felt for the cake (1 A4 sheet made 5 cakes)
  • a piece of pastel felt for the icing (I used pink and white)
  • handful of polyester stuffing
  • corresponding thread
  • a needle
  • cupcake pattern


  1. Use the templates to cut the cake top, bottom and sides from the mid-brown felt.
  2. Use a blanket stitch to attach the bottom od the cake to the shorter edge of the cake side. Just ease the cake side around as you stitch. Felt is very forgiving. It stretches a bit and you can trim it at the end if the edges overlap. You should end up with a cup shape.
  3. Stitch the edges of the cake side together on the inside of the cup, again using blanket stitch.
  4. Now attach the cake top to the top of the cup, again with blanket stitch. Remember to leave a little gap to put the stuffing in.
  5. Fill up the cake with polyester stuffing. It should be firm, but not hard.
  6. Stitch up the hole. Cup cake is finished. Now to ice!
  7. Use the templates to draw and cut out the icing top and the icing swirl from the pastel felt.
  8. Using blanket stitch, attach the icing top to the centre of the top of the cake.
  9. Do a loose running stitch along one long edge of the swirly icing strip. Oversew a few times at the beginning so that the thread won’t pull out.
  10. Slowly pull the thread from the end which is not fastened. Shuffle the felt down the thread until it begins to ripple and then curl around on itself. You need to decide how swirly you want the icing to be.
  11. Curl the icing swirl around on itself and stitch through the centre of the swirl a few times to hold it in shape.
  12. Attach the swirl to the top of the icing circle, I used blind stitch but you could just do it like you’re sewing on a button.
  13. Ta da.

I bought a set of 6 silicon muffin cases and a 6 hole yorkshire pudding tray for £1 each from Poundland. Moon Munkie loves serving them up to us with a cup of tea. And as she would say, “Be careful. Hot.”


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