Snow table

Snow. My least favourite of all the precipitations. My immediate response is to go back to bed when it’s white outside. However, today was different for two reasons. Firstly, Moon Munkie had not played in the snow before. And secondly, it was a perfect opportunity to test out the sensory table we began yesterday.

Needless to say, after a wary start Moon Munkie adored running around it the snow. For about 10 minutes. Until her little hands were too cold and then she wanted in. So in we came, and brought with us a bucketful of snow to play with. Best. Snow. Ever. So much fun, without the chilblains and wet socks.


6 thoughts on “Snow table

      1. put material in bowl
        cover with piles of snow
        trickle dye over – use more than one colour for max effect
        finish dye process in the usual way
        Enjoy 🙂
        A friend here did several metres of material last year and ended up with some amazing results. Most were fairly pastel, rather than bold in colour



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