Sleepless in Suffolk

Does anyone else have to do this before they can go to sleep? Or is it just my brain that does its best work once the bedroom light is switched off? I went to bed at 10.30pm. At ll.45pm I had to get up to find my notepad to write down all the things flitting around my brain so I could concentrate on sleeping and not on remembering intricate design details and colourway decisions.

Which brings me neatly to my reason for blogging today. As I mentioned briefly yesterday, it’s Sew Thankful Week. And I’m thankful that the thing keeping me awake is the buzz of designing and making and not the awful things that are keeping other people that I know awake at the moment. I’m thankful that I’m not facing ill health, debt, bereavement or any other of the Big Nasties that life throws in occasionally.

And I’m thankful for this luxurious existence that I have which allows me to spend days with my Moon Munkie and evenings doing whatever I like . . . which is often sewing, or other makery. I’m thankful for my one-day-a-week employment which is fulfilling and challenging; and keeps the financial pressure off our family a bit. I’m thankful for Mr Munkie who works so hard to provide for Moon Munkie and me. It’s really him who gives me the time and freedom to make. And he never says, “Really? You need a Horn sewing cabinet? /second pair of size 8 circular needles? /subscription to Molly Makes?” which shows you just what a lovely Munkie he truly is. I’m thankful for my Moon Munkie – its her antics and activities that give me inspiration to make things. And I overall I’m thankful to the Lord who makes all things possible. Even sewing.

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