Finish-up February

I have too many projects on the go. I’m starting to feel guilty that some of them haven’t seen the light of day for months. Quite a lot of  months in some cases. Years even. I’m a starter. I get an idea and I begin and then I get another idea and I begin that. I lie awake at night wishing there were  more hours for Makery in a day. But even if there were, I’d probably use them up starting new projects and ignoring ones that have already begun.

So I’ve made a promise to myself that until the end of February I will just work on projects that are already started. And I’ll keep a notebook handy for writing down all the ideas that come during that time, so that I don’t forget them. No New Starting until March 1st. That’s only 17 days. I wonder how much I can get finished up in that time?

Here are some of the things that are on my finish-up list:

  • Sirdar Baby Crofter Fairisle Cardigan for Moon Munkie
  • Debbie Bliss Hooded Kaftan also for Moon Munkie (just needs to be stitched together, but I don’t know how yet!)
  • 2x fleecey baby blankets for twin newborns – friends of a friend of a friend. (finished 18/2/12)
  • 2x quilts made from baby clothes for twins who are friends with Moon Munkie – this is my biggest guilt trip as I began them more than a year ago. (done as much as possible, now waiting on a decision about backing from the twin’s Mama)
  • Felt tree with birds, leaves and weather bits and pieces for teaching Moon Munkie
  • Cabled scarf for a friend
  • Oven gloves I began on a course in November 2010. Just need binding and they’re done!
  • Wooden beading on Moon Munkie’s play table to hold the light table / mirror in place.
  • Set of bean bag fish  – I’ve even forgotten why I was making these, so I can’t see them getting finished now until I think of a reason.
  • Bibs – which the babies I began them for have now grown out of.
  • Baby kimonos from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches – see note on bibs.
  • Jelly roll quilt – I fell out of love with the colours soon after it was started and so it’s cut up but I’m reluctant to go back to it.

I know for sure that I won’t be able to get all of this done in 17 days, but I’m going to see if I can get some of the more important projects tidied away.  Let me know in the comments if you have the same issue! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway. 2 days left now.


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