Baby Blankets

 These were my most recent commission. And I’m quietly pleased with them. Twin baby girls, friends of a friend of a friend (catch that?) born 2 weeks ago.  The request was that they be very girly with their names on. So I went with pink and peppermint polka dots with a constrasting cream fleece.

Initially I thought that it would just be a square blanket with their names on, but as I started to sew I realised how easy it would be to put a contrasting fleece-lined hood onto the cream side. So the teeny-tiny twinnies will be cosy-warm and snug.

I don’t have an embroidery machine (yet… one day one will fall out of the sky as I’m walking past and beg me to carry it home…) so that limits my options a bit for putting names on.  I like applique, but  machine applique on tiny letters requires more skill than I possess. So I went for hand applique. It was ok, but I still prefer the smooth professional look that machine applique gives.


Just as a post script: Has this ever happened to anyone else? I managed to sew through my presser foot whilst making the baby quilts. Sometimes living with Noak (my Swedish-made trusty steed…) is like having a sulky teenager in the house. I select a straight stitch and he refuses and goes ahead with a zigzag. One day I’m going to come home from a weekend away and find he’s thrown a party in my absence. There’ll be a suspicious collection of sewing machine oil bottles in the recycling bin; a tell-tale strand of pink cotton where girl sewing machines have been going through my lipsticks; and on closer inspection I’ll find someone has thrown up behind the piano. But I’ll still love him anyway.


4 thoughts on “Baby Blankets

  1. These are adorable! I love the pink+mint combination.
    And your description of your sewing machine made me laugh!! Hahaha some machines really are like pesky teenagers. That’s quite impressive to sew through the presser foot though, wow! Can’t say I’ve ever done that before…though that could be because I mostly use metal presser feet and the needle would break before sewing through it. I have broken my fair share of needles 🙂



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