Mystery Make is underway!

I’m so busy this week I don’t know which way to turn. But  I wanted to give you a quick update on the Mystery Make which is well underway. 2 Mystery Makers have confirmed they’ve received their packets and have already posted beautiful pictures of the contents.

Curious? Then pop over to see them!

Here is The Seek Speak pondering what she will turn her mini haul into. She seems to have a few ideas already and I’m especially excited to see the baby shower related items she turns out. Also worth noting her generosity as she has decided that everyone who entered her own Mystery Make giveaway is a winner! Which includes me I’m pleased to note! How very kind.

And here is Modern Vintage Cupcakes, also talking about her own ideas for using the items in the Mystery Make package. She’s planning to take some of them on a road trip with her, so I’m really excited about how this will inspire her makery this month.

I’ll keep you up to date as I hear more. For now I need to get back to the Mark’s Gospel and what he has to say about sins against the Holy Spirit. If my brain doesn’t melt entirely, I’ll speak to you again soon.



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