Can’t stop thinking about pyjamas

Since the end of my self-imposed embargo of new projects during February, March has been a bit of a whirlwind. Ideas that were backing up for the whole of February have been fighting amongst themselves for my attention. I just can’t stop thinking about making a set of matching pyjama trousers for Moon Munkie and myself. I would make some for Mr Munkie too, but I don’t think he’d approve. Yellow and white stripes would be perfect. Ideally I’d like to make the out of upcycled sheets or a duvet cover. Having trawled every charity shop between here and the Arctic Circle, I’m coming up empty handed. So keep your eyes peeled for funky yellow and white striped fabric and let me know.

So far I’ve completed a pretty little dress for Moon Munkie and a dark green Melton wool poncho for myelf. There we are in the picture together trying to pretend it was warm. Ignore my hair, it’s the post-swimming look. The daffodils are just beginning to peep through, although given today’s temperature I think they’ll be regretting it! We found that little flower head on the floor and Moon Munkie crowed with joy because we’d had a long talk regarding Not Picking Flowers before we went. The dress was an impulse make last Tuesday. It’s made from quilting fabric I already had, using a free pattern by Made by Rae. I made it in the toddler size, but she also has the pattern for babies-  even for preemies. In fact, it’s called the Itty Bitty Baby Dress and she designed it because she wanted something to fit a newborn in a way that shop bought clothes never quite do. The dress took just 3 hours from cutting right through to hand stitching the lining. Perfect impulse make if you have a spare evening and some pretty fabric to hand.

Moon Munkie loves it because it’s got that princess-ballerina feel as you spin. “Dancing dress, dancing dress!” she sings happily to herself as she twirls.


I’ve also cut all the pieces to make 10 tiny mice and this evening I finally got brave enough to cut into my favourite jersey fabric in order to make a top for myself. I should perhaps note that until this month, March 2012, I have never sewn (sewed?) myself a single item of clothing. The thought terrifies me. But the poncho (photo right, don’t laugh at my weird fingers, I was nervous) was a success, if you don’t mind that I look like a Hobbit. It needs something to break up all of that green. I can’t decided between something elegant and grown up – a ruffle in the same moss green for example. Or something shabby chic – faux patches in a floral fabric and a blanket stitch edging maybe. Do let me know what you think in the comments. That collar needs interfacing too, as it has a life of its own at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Can’t stop thinking about pyjamas

  1. That dress for your daughter is adorable!! And I love how the poncho turned out 🙂 hmm, that’s a really tough choice for how to dress it up, though! I’d love either option personally. For me, I would probably end up wearing the ruffled/grown up/elegant one more often, so that’s what I’d likely end up doing…such a tough choice though! Great work 🙂



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