Featured Artist: Dizzydollylou

lou's felt

Dizzydollylou is a local artist who hails from Cambridgeshire. I met her about a year ago and loved her immediately because she was wearing my favourite shade of green and had also dressed her angelic daughter in the same colour. No, it’s not a sound method for scouting out new friends and acquaintances but this time it worked like a charm. So she’s my featured artist for this week.

Dizzydollylou works in wool and in silver. Getting to know her felted work has been a huge lesson in texture and colour. Her felted pictures are best described as sumptuous. Exquisitely composed, they draw the eye deeper into the story she is telling in her wool. The processes of felting intrigues me. It’s spectacular to be able to take sheep fluff and craft it into something so full of personality. She’s handy with the needlefelting, but for me her wet-felting is just out of this world.

lou sheep

It’s hard to pick my favourite, but perhaps it’s these sheep. I love the way the two on the left are cuddled together. I can hear them baaaing gently to one another.



lou dove

Although there’s this dove sitting among the blossoms. Can’t you hear her cooing? That’s my favourite too.  And the one with the poppies which takes me away to Flanders … And the one with the sand-dollar … And the one with the rain over the fields which isn’t quite finished yet. They’re all my favourite.

And then, just when you think she couldn’t get any more talented, you find out Dizzydollylou also works in silver. And not your run of the mill, spoldge-your-fingerprint-here-that-will-be-seventy-quid-please silver, either. Her silver work is quirky and unusual (not unlike the lady herself!). And she does capture fingerprints, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that she does it with an elegance that I haven’t seen from other fingerprinting outfits. I’ve even overcome my personal dislike of silver jewellery and am all set to order the finger prints of my own little cherubs as a keepsake.

lou physalis

But where her work really comes into its own is when she lets her imagination run free. lou toadstoolUnique is not even the word. From the delicate filigree of a silver physalis seed pod to the humour and merriment of her little whimsical creatures, I find her creations captivating. And in a market that is saturated, it’s refreshing to come across an artist who isn’t afraid to step away from the typical and share her tiny silver fantasies with the world.

lou bird











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