Welcome to the new look MoonMunkie (and a super-special giveaway!)

As part of my plan to take over the world, this is the new online home for MoonMunkie. Please (please, please!) click the subscribe button, especially if you followed the old blog. It’s a bit of a risk for me, moving to a new domain, because I’d built up a modest but solid following at the old one. However, owning MoonMunkie.co.uk gives me more flexibility with what I can post and how I structure things. (Also lots of scope for not knowing the first thing about what I’m doing and getting cross because I can’t work it out!) So do please follow along and support me.

So, in the spirit of newness and excitement, I’m hosting a very exciting MoonMunkie giveaway throughout May. The winner will receive  a free private lesson for 2 people in the new studio, Bury St Edmunds, UK. All materials included. On a mutually convenient date in July or August.

I envisage it will be a bookbinding lesson, but if you’d prefer something different, we can arrange it. And overseas followers, don’t despair! I’m also giving away 2 runner up prizes! 2 people will each receive one of my new (and as yet unveiled!) bookbinding kits, complete with instructions and materials to make your own mini art journal.

How to win?

Well, subscribe to this page and comment below. I’d also be grateful if you could like MoonMunkie on facebook and share this giveaway with as many people as you can. I’m trying to hit 300 likes on facebook before the summer.


Thanks so much for dropping by.


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