MoonMunkie is published in the Book of Books

A tutorial I wrote on how to make a rolled paper-bead bracelet was picked up to be adapted for publishing! It’s in an ebook called The Book of Books by Mahe Zehra Hussein. And my photo made it to the front cover! I’m so excited. You could have a look at it here if you wanted to. I took the original tutorial and adapted it to make a really pretty little necklace from upcycled pages of a vintage book.

There is a bracelet in the same design available to purchase now in my online whimsical makery emporium.  The paper pearls are hand rolled and sealed and then alternated with multicoloured glass seed beads on a stretchy but strong beading thread.  It’s a really sweet little bracelet that would make a lovely treat for a special friend, or just a a pick-me-up for yourself. It looks great on and goes with everything. It’s a lovely gift for a friend for Christmas or birthday or just a little treat for you. Go ahead, you know you want to!



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