Art Swap (UK)

If you are at all creative and you fancy having a bit or arty fun, join in our art swap! Please read the rules below before joining.

1) PM me on FaceBook or email me ( with your postal address to join in BEFORE 12 noon on September 19th

2) Include some information about yourself – anything that would give another person a hint about what to make for you. For example, “I like the colour green, poppies and reading.” The person you swap with may choose to follow the hints OR NOT. They’re there in case someone is stuck for inspiration.

3) I will pair people randomly and send each person the name and address of the other

3) Create your art! I’m suggesting that we keep pieces to a maximum size of 6″x6″ – just so that materials and postage costs don’t get out of hand.

4) Have it made and posted by October 31st.

5) Comment on the MoonMunkie Facebook Page with a photo when you receive your piece.

If you enjoy it, we could make it in to a quarterly event!



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