Art Unfinished [Venn Diagram and Questionnaire]

craft_time_vennMaybe it’s the teacher in me, but I work well with deadlines. If something has to be finished and with my editor or a client by next Tuesday, then it is likely that I’ll be done with it, spell-checking, proof-reading, final presentation checks and all, by Friday evening. It’s the way I’m hard-wired. I like the finality a deadline brings. I like accountability. Ticking completed work off a list gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

However, with personal art or craft projects I become an utter drifter. A complete bum. Jack Kerouac would be proud of me. Maybe it’s a reaction to being professionally deadline oriented, but projects for my own pleasure rarely get finished. I get so inspired by the next idea that I can’t wait to begin it and so I put my current project on the back burner. But then the next must-make item pops into my head, or appears on my Pinterest board and I’m distracted once more. I’ve taken to having Finish-Up Februarys in order to get projects completed and out of my work box as well as off my conscience.

I know I’m not alone because there are threads on most art or craft forums dedicated to works in progress, and most people will happily confess to having several projects on the go at once, some dating back several years!  I’m really interested to find out more about the way other artists and crafters cope with unfinished work. Please share your experiences in the comments section below. How many projects do you have on the go at one time? How old is your oldest work in progress? What strategies do you have for getting things finished? Please could also share this page with as many crafters / artists / makers as you know? I’d like to collect as many responses as possible. Thank you!




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