Exciting App for Busy Mums

I use the internet a lot. A. Lot. It’s on all day every day, helping me with the various things I’m doing, whether I’m preparing lessons, researching editorial copy, playing and making with my little Munkies, sewing, knitting, painting, whatever. If I’m not using it to research I’m listening to a podcast, watching a box set on Amazon Prime or browsing Pinterest while I watch TV. The internet works for me in so many ways: it’s almost exclusively the way I communicate with family and friends; shopping for groceries; keeping my own and my family’s diary; managing my music and books; blog planning; book-writing; you name it, I do it online.

Logo blue 7482x2000I’m always on the look out for  apps and services that will add something to my life, whether that is time-saving, communications-oriented, work based or just for fun. It’s not often these days that I come across something that is so good that I wonder how I managed without it. But just recently I came across Touchnote and it’s already making a difference.

As I said before, I communicate mostly online, but there are some times when this is not appropriate. I’m talking specifically about thank you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards and those little notes to say “I’m thinking of you” when an email is just not enough. And postcards. Holiday postcards are a big thing in our family. I ADORE getting a little snippet of someone’s vacation.Knowing they were thinking of us while they were away is such a blessing.

Touchnote allows me to personalise our postcards by taking a photo on my phone and thpostcarden adding a caption to make the postcard’s front. I can then write a personalised message and address to go on the back, just like a traditional postcard. With one more touch of a button this can be printed and mailed directly from Touchnote. And last week I could do all of this from the beach, to send thank you cards for MiniMunkie’s birthday gifts. It was the last job on my list that didn’t get done before we left for Yorkshire. I even sent one to MiniMunkie’s godmother in Alabama, USA for no extra charge.

I bought a pack of 6 credits that meant each card cost £1.66 inclusive of p&p. This is slightly more than I’d usually spend on a bog standard postcard, but these were personalised, plus I didn’t have to leave the beach so I didn’t mind the extra approx 50p per card. Had I chosen to send greetings cards, these would have cost me £3.32 each, a saving of about 30p on the price I’d usually spend on sending a nice greeting card through the post.

I can think of a bazillion ways I’m going to be able to use this app. Why not give it a go yourself?

This review is entirely my own opinion, unsolicited by Touchnote and I was not rewarded for it in anyway. I just loved the service!





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