Top 5 Zentangle Resources

It’s always exciting when a friend takes up a hobby that you already enjoy. I  heard from my oldest friend ever this week. We’ve known each other since she was 6 and I was 9 – let’s round that up to 30 years. She probably knows me as well as its possible to without living with me. She helped me out last October at the trade fair and has been a total support. And today she told me she’s started to Zentangle. We had a big chat about it and it got me thinking about my favourite Zentangle supplies. Speaking honestly, all you need for Zentangle is a piece of paper, a pen, 10 minutes and some imagination. But we all have our go to resources and my favourite are these:

A nicely proportioned book which allows lots of variety of sizes of tangle, but is still easy to carry around is essential.  I favour the Pink Pig Square 6×6 inch With 150gsm, archive quality paper your tangles will be safe forever. 70 pages, or 35 leaves if you prefer not to use the reverse side. The hardback allows for tangling on your lap. And at £4.52, you can afford to choose a few from the 36 different colours that are available. They also do a really wide range of sizes and orientations for other work.


Some people who tangle swear by the Sakura Pigment Micron Pens. If this is you then then there’s a great deal on them at Amazon here at the moment. These are the ones recommended by the website. But for me,  they seem to be a bit hit or miss. They dry out so quickly and become scratchy, which I hate. I prefer these by Staedtler. I’ve had much better longevity from them. Smooth and clear in 6 widths: 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm although I get most use from the 0.2mm, o.5mm and 0.8mm. They’re designed so that the lid can be left off – even for a few days – without them drying out. Waterproof for easy colouring and the case is handy to for preventing them rolling away or getting stuck down the side of the sofa.



That’s the basics covered. But for inspiration and ideas I love the series of books by Suzanne McNeill. Zentangle® Basicsis the first one I owned. It’s got a step by step guide on how to begin and then lots of ideas for tangles and how to use them. The book as also been re-published as a workbook, whereby you can work alongside the instructions. I’m far too obsessed with books to be able to comfortably work in a text book, but for someone less … pedantic … this might be a good starter option.




Pre cut tiles  are a great way to make zentangles as quick gifts or to mount on greetings cards. There are 75 in a packet and it’s easy just to grab a few to keep in your bag for emergency tangling. 3.5″ x 3.5″ and made of white or black archival quality card, they don’t bleed and also handle watercolours quite well.





Dangle Designs are my favourite way to tangle at the moment. They’re so whimsical and full of flow. I find them easier to do out-of-my-head than the original tangles – where I want to get the official designs accurate. Dangles are very quick, feminine and a lovely way to put a border around a journal entry or sketch. I felt very proficient very quickly. The book by Joanne Fink is also available as a workbook.





“HM"If you tangle, I’d love to hear about your favourite resources. Drop me a line below. If you’re here from Handmade Monday, over at LucyBlossom – do you like my new blog header? If you don’t know about Handmade Monday, click here and go and say hello.






10 thoughts on “Top 5 Zentangle Resources

  1. Oooh I must try those Staedtler pens! I use Pigma Micron at the moment, but after the first use I always feel that the line is never quite as nice and even. Zentangling is so much fun, I find that Pinterest is great for inspiration 🙂


    1. Oh yes Clare, give them a try. I like them. But I’m guessing it is as much to do with the grip and pressure and technique of the individual! Thanks for popping by!


  2. I love to tangle. My fav resource is Pinterest. I have a board chock full of instructions on how to create loads of different tangles.
    Really living the dangle ones, I have seen them around but yet to try them to be honest, life has got way to hectic!!
    As for supplies, I tend to go for the sakura ones, but the only reason for this is because my wholesaler sells them. Lol. I am also able to get the books from them but to be honest I just rely on Pinterest at the moment. Xx


    1. I love Pinterest too. And also However, I love to do zentangle in bed. And for the sake of my own sanity I’ve banned my cmputer from the bedroom. Pinterest gets a grip on meand suddenly its 1am!!! Thanks for popping by!


  3. The new header is great, what a lovely mix of things you do. Zentangle sounds so therapeutic, i guess there is a lot more to it than just a little doodling in team meetings when you are supposed to be taking the minutes though! (obviously I would NEVER do that!)


    1. Of course not. Never doodle in meetings myself…. it’s just a way of taking those little doodles and combining them. Have a try, it’s super fun!


  4. Hi
    Im not sure i remember your blog header from before but it looks fabulous now. I also love your lettering for Moon Munkie!
    Im not very up on Zentangle, though i have heard of it, it looks pretty amazing xx



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