Daisy Tattoo Design

Daisy tattooAbout a month ago I designed a tattoo for my friend. I’d never done tattoo work before, had never even crossed my mind. So it was a bit of a challenge when I was asked. She wanted a daisy with the famous Shakespeare quote from Midsummer Night’s Dream “And though she be but little, she is fierce!” It suits her down to the ground really.

The daisy was the easy part – an organic, loose-petalled flower head in simple black and white with grey shading. I found the lettering harder, because she’d chosen a specific font that I struggled to hand-letter. From what I understand her tattoo artist is going to be able to handle the font easily and just needed something for reference.

She got it done this week. allie tat1


A big hello to anyone popping in from Handmade Monday! Do pop over and have look at the awesome work being done over there.


9 thoughts on “Daisy Tattoo Design

    1. I am so proud to have this on my arm.
      It actually didn’t hurt much, the tattoo artist was impressed by my lack of movement.
      I may have another project for you 🙂
      Thank you again my wonderfully clever friend


      1. Absolutely my privilege and pleasure. And I’m always up for a challenge… although I don’t expect you to get everything I make tattooed on your body!



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