I’m From

I am from home-made dresses with matching knickers, from a Singer sewing machine and a Fylde guitar. I am from singing in the car and making-it-yourself. From winter-warmers and slippers turned to slingshots and there’ll-be-tears-before-bedtime. I am from half-an-hour-late-for-everything and if-you-can’t-be-good-be-brilliant.

I am from Boulton and Fletcher and Evans and Schofield. From teaching, computing, chemistry, chair-making, retailing, cobbling and mining. From talking, not-talking, shouting, baking, knitting, laughing, arguing, forgiving, playing, teasing and loving. From Sellotape Annie and Agatha. From Wembalina, Our Margaret and Jim. I am from 15 in a bungalow at Christmas and are-you-still-in-the-bathroom?

I am from talking late into the night and still having more to say in the morning. From knowing from the first kiss. I am from holding hands even though we’re married. I am from 4 months without sleep, more-milk-please-Mama and mornings in pyjamas playing hide-and-seek. From don’t-put your-bottom-in-the-dishwasher-darling and ask-Daddy-if-you-want-a-kitten.

I am from the smell of wet canvas and wellies. From crablines and lilo-lympics. From 3-and-in and snail farms and how-many-times-must-you-be-told-not-to-roller-skate-in-the-house. I’m from beneath the diamond sky, silhouetted by the sea and from frosted fields of juniper and lamplight.  I am from Allendale and Snowdonia and Caledonia and Santiago Bay.

I am from soft Staffordshire clay and ancient Welsh slate. I am from fearing what might happen next. From trying to be someone else for someone else. From learning daily that by the Grace of God I am what I am and His Grace to me is not without effect. I am from Psalm 139; I’m going to Revelation 21. I’d like to pass through Proverbs 31:10-31 on the way.

I am from Tunstall, Fegg Hayes, Haddenham, Aberystwyth, Yokohama and Bury St Edmunds. From egg and chips, oatcakes, welsh cakes and kaitenzushi. I am from fluvioglacial geomorphology, what would Jesus do, gouchisousamadeshita, and that thing our Evelyn said about your Frank at our Tommy’s funeral.



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