Like Mother, like Munkie…

 If you had given me £3 to spend when I was 2 and a half, this is probably what I would’ve done with it. Who am I kidding? If you gave me £3 today (and I wasn’t allowed to spend it on chocolate!) I’d head directly to the stationery aisle.  (Initially I wrote stationery isle… now there’s a place I want to visit, just imagine…)

Moon Munkie spent the rest of the day happily in her “office”, drawing, writing important letters and getting to grips with the intricacies of scissors. Those chubby little fingers – I could just bite them.

Look how hard she is focussing on that writing. What does it say, little Munkie? “Mmmmm … It say… Mummy is great.”  Way to go kiddo, you’re pretty great yourself. Try to ignore the late-afternoon Vegemite tide lines around her mouth. She was working too hard to be interrupted by the banalities of personal hygiene.

Planning what to go into her new pencil case.How many hours of my life have I spent doing that? I hope she doesn’t also inherit my Stationery Fear. Pretty things that I never use, for fear of spoiling them. The lovely notebooks that I don’t write in because I have nothing to say that is important enough to mar their creamy pages. Pretty rubbers and pencils that remain in their boxes because using them would make them  uneven sizes.  (Yes, I know. But as OCD goes, it could be much worse!)

For the moment, I’m deriving a pure and simple happiness in watching my Moon Munkie discovering the pleasures of the Stationery Isle.  Perhaps I’ll hand over my beautiful notepads and pencils and enjoy her using them on my behalf.


4 thoughts on “Like Mother, like Munkie…

  1. Oh Jemma, i have been dreaming about The island of stationary, it just sounds like my perfect desert island! x ❤ x

    ps. Love little munkie's jumper x


    1. Sounds like you’re a person on my wave length! Thanks for dropping by!

      PS – I must confess, in the interests of transparency, that I didn’t make the sweater – but I did fall in love at first sight of it!


  2. I have Stationery Fear as well!! But my frugal side always wins out after a round of self-scolding: “You spent good money on that, you can’t let it go to waste!! So make it count!” Haha 🙂


    1. Yes. I’ve taught myself to buy and use pretty notebooks. But if someone gives me a really good one as a gift I still struggle. My husband gave me an Orla Kiely note book and a set of pencils on Mother’s Day. I’m still too scared to use them!



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